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Wuhan Hinat Technology Co., Ltd Wuhan Hinat Technology Co., Ltd
Wuhan Hinat Technology Co. , ltd is a emphases business enterprise inside light valley" in China, relying on these strong develop backgrounds that from China Physical Medicine Healing International Research Community, Central China Science and Technology University and Tongji medicine college, commit myself to develop and exploitation of all sorts of medical laser and physical healing apparatus, the product is popular in market in china as well as is successful to sell for the Europe and Asia market. Provided for numerous sufferers valid, series treatment instrument and product with environmental protection. The Hinat people wish from their unremitting endeavor can take the frisk and health for more family all over the world.
Development prospects: The Hinat Company will be steady established in medicine health domain, still keep people oriented, technological innovation management concepts, and exert all our powers to create a No.1 trademark in all of international familial medicine products, my company will also be extend in environmental protection and culture domain. For universe can have health, green, and culture forever, we will ever keep striving.
corporation orientation
The Hinat Company is the professional science and technology Company that is come from china, admit the advanced science technology and best man in the world, and use sincere service for peoples health.
corporation mission
We always keep the altitudinal attention about universes body and mind, and do ours possible to offer more advanced, more environmental protection and more effectual product for universe, and take some health and happy to them.
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empressement and bluffness
equitableness and friendliness
agility and pragmatic
health and energy
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Hinat Technology
Healthy international human
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